Overview of the most frequently asked questions

Teddy Tour Berlin - Urlaub für Kuscheltiere - The first travel agency for cuddly toys

What kind of people send you their cuddly toys?

All kind of people. So far, our customers were – as far as we know – between 6 and 72 years old. Their professions were just as varied: for example shop assistants, civil servants, singers or writers and they come from all over the world. We were able to welcome cuddly toys from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Finland, Greece, Poland, Austria and Australia.


How long has  TEDDY TOUR BERLIN been in existence?

The first Teddy Tour took place in September 2005. It was followed by a testing phase which lasted one year. During this year, we constantly worked on our ideas and finally made them concrete. In July 2006, finally, TEDDY TOUR BERLIN was ready to take off.


How did you get the idea of TEDDY TOUR BERLIN?

We (Karsten Morschett and Thomas Vetsch) were looking for an ingenious present for a joint friend of ours. When we heard that this friend of ours had a teddy bear, which loved to go shopping in pharmacies, we knew what to do. We “kidnapped” his lovely teddy bear and rode through Berlin on our bicycles to his most favourite pharmacy. On the way, we took a lot of pictures and presented them on his birthday. Soon afterwards, a lot of people enquired if we could go on tour with their cuddly toys. That’s how it all started!


Do you take care of our cuddly toys?

Of course we do! In Berlin, they’ll get everything they need. We know from our own experience, that cuddly toys are of extremely high emotional value to their owners. That’s why we cherish them like life itself. When we go on tour, we always take at least two minders: someone, who takes the pictures and someone who keeps an eye on the other cuddly toys, so that nothing can happen to them. Furthermore, we’ve got a trained physiotherapist in our team.


Do you offer bulk discount?

Yes, we do. The first teddy bear has to pay the full price. Every additional cuddly toy only pays 30,00 Euro (paparazzi), 40,00 Euro (compact), 50,00 Euro (exclusive) and 65,00 Euro (deluxe).

This reduction is not restricted to only one fellow traveller. You can send as many teddy bears as you like but they have to arrive here in one single parcel and the parcel must not exceed the measurements of 80cm x 40cm x 40 cm with a maximum weight of  3 kilos. Of course, all the cuddly toys have to take the same tour.


What about vouchers?

Your girlfriend’s birthday is close and you don’t know what to give her? Or are you looking for a special present for Christmas for your grandfather? Or your best friends wedding will take place soon and you still haven’t found the right gift? Don’t get desperate: a teddy tour through Berlin is always a special and ingenious present!

We know that a lot of people look for presents at the last minute ;-) That’s why we offer vouchers. Just drop us an e-mail and you’ll get the voucher as a pdf-file to print yourself.


What kind of souvenir will my cuddly toy bring home?

Well, that would be telling! After all, it should be a surprise! However, there’s one thing we can disclose: the souvenir has something to do with Berlin...


The costs seem to be quite high. Why?

TEDDY TOUR BERLIN is much more than just an ordinary sight-seeing tour with some cuddly toys sitting in bicycle baskets. We need between one and two days to prepare the tour, one day for the tour itself and two days afterwards. The costs include the postage, an album with the printed pictures, a cd-rom, a special passport, a certificate, your cuddly toy’s postcard to you, a souvenir and of course a relaxing teddy-massage given by our physiotherapist.

Furthermore, we donate money to “nestwärme e.V. Deutschland”. This is a small institution, which supports families with handicapped children or with children, who suffer from chronic diseases.


What about special wishes?

Generally speaking, we try to fulfil all of your wishes. If you want your cuddly toy to visit the castle of Charlottenburg or to have a drink in the trendy area of Prenzlauer Berg just drop us an e-mail and we’ll check whether your special wish can be carried out and if so, at what cost.   


How do I get the newsletter of TEDDY TOUR BERLIN or how do I get rid of it?

That’s very easy. Just write an e-mail to us and tell us whether you want to get our newsletters or whether you don’t want to get them any more. That’s all it takes!