Our philosophy

Teddy Tour Berlin - Urlaub für Kuscheltiere - The first travel agency for cuddly toys


Would you like to be your own teddy - smothered by love, washed away by tears and kicked furiously all your life? No?


Show your gratitude towards your teddy for putting up with all this without even complaining once by allowing your beloved teddy some time off. Send it to Berlin for a few days!

The TEDDY TOUR BERLIN staff ensures that your cuddly toy can take a break, relax and be able to continue to be the outlet for your feelings of distress, fear and joy. And don’t despair: your teddy is in safe hands even though you’re far away. As you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder…


Why Berlin exactly?

Well, where else? After all, Berlin doesn’t only contain the word bear in its name but also displays it proudly on its flag. The German capital’s heraldic animal can be found everywhere in this city. Not only that, it also creates a relaxing atmosphere for your beloved teddy!



Teddy Tour Berlin's Principles

1.) We care

We are fully aware that your cuddly toy is the most prized possession you own. A teddy is irreplaceable and invaluable, which we take into consideration, of course. We treat your cuddly toy with total care and attention from its arrival in Berlin to its departure.

2.) No discrimination

Berlin is an open-minded, tolerant city and the staff of TEDDY TOUR BERLIN follows this motto and say 'no' to any form of discrimination. We welcome all types of cuddly toys regardless of their race, nationality, religion/denomination, sexual orientation, age and disabilities.

3.) Take care of the environment

There are enough cars in Berlin and we don’t want to add another one. That’s why the city tours are carried out on a bike or by public transport.