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Teddy´s Gay-Tour

  • Teddy´s Gay Tour

  • Teddy´s Gay Tour Teddy´s Gay Tour Teddy´s Gay Tour Teddy´s Gay Tour

Teddy's Gay-Tour

Teddy's Gay-Tour will lead your cuddly toy into the queer heart of Berlin, to the Nollendorfplatz. It will visit the gay locations in this area. And finally, it will stay in the first gay hotel of Berlin, in Tom's Hotel!

Of course, Teddy's Gay-Tour will be documented in picutres. And the best of it: Your cuddly toy is going to support the charitive organisation Berliner AIDS-Hilfe!

And that's the way it works:
You chose your desired tour on the site tour offers and registration. A questionnaire will open and you mark that your teddy is allowed to participate in "Teddy's Gay-Tour". That's it - it's so easy!

Additional costs for this special tour: 30,00 Euro. Including donation to nestwärme e.V. Deutschland.

We say: Welcome to the queer Berlin!